solidarity pilgrimage for immigrant justice

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We are excited to announce ECCO’s Solidarity Pilgrimage for Immigrant Justice, August 19th-24th.  Walking from the JFK Building in Boston (Warren Headquarters) to the ICE Detention Center in Dover, NH, we will join pilgrimage partners from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. 

We walk to denounce the racist immigration system that dehumanizes Muslims, uses Black and Brown bodies for profit, cages children, and causes death. We will call on the presidential primary candidates to make immigration a centerpiece of their presidential platforms.   Please save the date and let us know if you can join any part of this historic effort!

Why We Are Walking

Why are we walking?  Because history and conscience demand we take action.  As Dr. Stephen Ray, President of Chicago Theological Seminary teaches, we are in a pre-genocidal moment, characterized by three factors: 1) One group of people is targeted and demonized.  2) A registry is created to track these people. 3) Concrete plans are developed to remove those targeted from the nation. 

As we witness the horrific violence increasing towards those who are judged not to belong, Muslims, Jews, Black folks, immigrants, and others, we are called to act in the spirit of the Hebrew prophets - boldly, courageously, and creatively! To this end, we are walking to incite public moral outrage at our government’s unjust actions against the immigrant community. 

We are sending a message that our immigration crisis is a moral crisis.  Through our public pressure, we must create permanent protection and a path towards citizenship for the many undocumented immigrants that strengthen our communities. Members of our ECCO immigrant community like Blanca, who recently was interviewed for this article in the Boston Globe, are fighting every day against unjust deportation and detention. This is our moment to join them!

We Need You

Our first call is for you to join - and invite others to join - one or more of the following:

-Kickoff Rally on Monday, August 19th at 10am at the JFK Federal Building on Sudbury Street in Boston

-On any part of the walk

-At any of the evening events along the route - more details to come soon!

-At the detention center rally and action at the close of the pilgrimage on the afternoon of Saturday, August 24th.

Our second call is for support. It will truly take all of us to make this pilgrimage possible from rides to food and water.

Please fill out this form to let us know when you can join us and/or help out on one or more days of the pilgrimage. 

If you are not available to participate or support in the moment, you can also help grow the power of the pilgrimage by funding it! We believe the message that this pilgrimage sends will touch thousands, and you can make that possible by donating here and designating your donation for “Solidarity Pilgrimage for Immigrant Justice.”

Can we count on you? If so, please fill in this quick form and we will get in touch.  If you are interested in joining one of our planning teams, please indicate that on the form and email Rev. Wendy von Courter.