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Shining Together Immigrant Led Co-Op Launches

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“When I first arrived on the North Shore, it was hard to stay hopeful. Struggling with my legal case, unable to find work, and without a local community, I often felt lonely and despairing. So much has changed for me since I met a group of powerful ECCO immigrant leaders who were working to learn new skills, support each other, and dream of a different future.”
Blanca Martinez,
Shining Together Co-op Leader

As they dreamed together of a different future for themselves, ECCO immigrant leaders also began to hold a vision of what an alternative to our current economy could look like, one where economic justice and human dignity are built into the fabric of the workplace.  Through equal parts innovation, imagination and inspiration, the Shining Together co-op group is being launched to create a community-based alternative to the brutal economic systems that push immigrants and poor people to the sidelines. The co-op is the first of its kind in this area and emerged from the struggles the immigrant leaders experience daily. 

Co-Op Shines Brightest Together with the Community

At the heart of Shining Together is the uplifting of lives - the lives of the immigrants fueling the co-op, but also the lives of the community members who invest in Shining Together through hiring the co-op members who are high qualified, creative, caring and have an eye for the details that matter most. Available services at this time include housecleaning, babysitting and catering.  Through hiring Shining Together, you are helping bring ECCO families out of the shadows financially and moving them closer to economic sustainability.

Want to learn more? Join us for the Shining Together launch fundraiser on September 7th from 4-7 PM at St. Stephen’s Church in Lynn where we will also be accepting donations of cleaning supplies.  RSVP to or Blanca Martinez at 781-521-5761

Can’t make the launch, but want to invest in Shining Together’s success? Visit the ECCO donation page and designate Shining Together or send a check to ECCO and write Shining Together in the memo line.  

Discover your part in the story and fabric of families striving to build a better future in this area!