making An Impact



ECCO believes in the words of Emma Lazarus: “Until we are all free, we are none of us free.” Working for our shared liberation, in recent years, ECCO has:

• Played a key role in passing historic criminal justice reform in MA in 2018.

• Trained the entire command staff of the Lynn Police Department on implicit bias in 2016 and facilitated all Lynn police officers to participate in one-on-one conversations with ECCO community members in 2019.

• Helped pass a bill making it possible for 15,000 ex-prisoners to get drivers’ licenses.

• Trained 3,518 people on strategies to protect immigrants & criminal justice reform.


ECCO believes that no human being is illegal, and that our state needs to work to better support our immigrant brothers and sisters. In recent years we have:

• Held a Children’s March inside the State House with over 500 people, including 150 children, to increase pressure on state legislature to advance the Safe Communities Act.

• Successfully lobbied Sen. Warren and Sen. Markey to ensure that ICE would not receive an additional $1 billion in discretionary funds.

  • Secured a commitment from ICE regional leadership to meet with ECCO clergy on a quarterly basis.

  • Supported leaders to pass Sanctuary City policies in Salem, Rockport and Ipswich.


In 2018, ECCO worked with our statewide partners, Massachusetts Communities Action Network (MCAN) and Raise Up Massachusetts to improve the lives of workers across our state.

ECCO collected more than 13,500 signatures to secure the passage of a $15 Minimum Wage and Paid Family Leave bill that was signed into law on June 28, 2018.